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Public Speaking

I'm available for public speaking engagements, ranging from short informal
talks and interviews to full length presentations

I've given talks, interviews and presentations on a variety of topics to a wide range of different audiences, including:

  • From hard sums to fighting in the UFC: reflections on an unorthodox career path

  • Achieving excellence: what difficult things have in common.

  • When the cap doesn't fit: gender stereotypes, and being a woman in a man's world.

  • What a career as a fighter taught me about treating pain as an osteopath

  • Avoiding back pain in the workplace 

  • Mental health affects us all: my experiences with anxiety and depression

  • A pessimist's guide to overcoming performance anxiety

Whether you have something in mind, or just a general idea of a topic you're interested in, you can drop me an email at to discuss your requirements.